Get More Out of Your Content Marketing by Re-purposing Content

These three simple steps and a list of 17 content variations will help.
Good content marketing can be hard to create. But so worthwhile to do. So stretch out your efforts by repurposing your content. With a little creativity, a good blog post, video or case study can easily be transferred into all sorts of other options. And to make this a bit easier try taking these three  simple steps to help translate your content goods into more goods!
Because the more content you can offer the better you chances are to connect with prospects or answer whatever marketing strategy you are facing. To put you in the right frame of mind, use the three simple steps below to get started.
1) Start with the end in mind
All your content should be positioned to help move prospects along the awareness arc, from knowing you, to liking you to trusting you. So think about what you want the result to be. What’s that next step? A call, a trial, a download? By knowing what you want to have happen, you pave the way with you content and messaging.
2) Don’t start over
You don’t need to have a completely different version of your message for a new format. Even if people (that’s a big if) see the theme repeated, they most likely won’t notice any duplicity. So be fruitful and multiply.
3) Creatively Edit
If you have good words and images, just reshape the messaging a bit. A Slideshare presentation deck should be simple. A white paper or POV document needs details. Playing off #2 above, get the content to best balance the format.
But first a little content management 
So with these pointers you should be able to get started on retuning some of your content into new materials and options. But first take a good look at your current library of content items. And get those organized. I like to use a what I call a content matrix. I created it out of pure necessity.
content marketing
It’s a simple box with the audience segments or personas running across the top and the stages of of buyer’s journey running down the left. This version was for some work I was doing on behalf of a Thomson Reuters sales team for a campaign that targeted Corporate Counsel lawyers and their support staff.
With this specific technique there are also dates of content marketing publication. Plus this version uses a point system for lead scoring, which is an advanced method of profiling your leads as they come through the inbound marketing funnel. This funnel depiction used an approach that included a sequence of Education  – Interest  – Preference. I prefer an approach that uses a Know – Like – Trust sequence. You can certainly build terminology around what best matches your content marketing needs and brand language.  With lead scoring you can really help your sales force understand who are the most attractive and highest potential prospects. It becomes a powerful sales tool!
 As you fill in the elements you get a very clear picture of what’s going on with your library. It’s also effective as a gap identifier so you can see what holes or weak spots exist. Use it as a strategy tool for you, your client or your boss. It can really help to justify budgets and priorities.
So what kind of content should you consider. Well let’s get back to your personas. Take a moment and look at their profiles or descriptions. Then try to imagine what kinds of content would appeal to them. Start asking and speculating a bit ….
  • Are they too busy to read?  Could an audio approach like a podcast work?
  • What logical resistance points can you overcome? Do they need to see and feel your product or experience?
  • What kind of superiors do they need to answer to? What kind of content could help with that?
I like that this content matrix tool because it can provide a big picture of what is currently going on with your content marketing. So build one around your needs and use it to extend and manage your content library.
So what content marketing materials should you plug and play?
Now that you can have identified content marketing holes to fill and new opportunities to take advantage of, it’s time to get creative. Time to re-imagine your content. Put it into new perspectives. Think about how many new ways you can connect.
If you want to simply for those early in the content marketing process you may want to introduce them to your business or service with an infographic. Or if you have a heavier subject, a white paper can be an intellectual way to win over prospects.
Now if you’ve been warming up a prospect by exposing them to your content, you need to go deeper with more specific tactic such as guide or video product training approach.
A list of content variations
Now that you’re ready to repurpose your content, take a look at just some of the opportunities you can create:
  1. Steps to Success – a modified customer journey process
  2. Top Tips – helpful suggestions that can take on any style
  3.  Easy Guide – a super simple guide
  4. The Ultimate Guide – a comprehensive guide to waht every subject you can
  5. Infographic – always a classic, simpler the better, images & graphs that inform.
  6. Case Study or Customer Success Story – powerful story telling format that uses four vital elements, situation, solu
  7. White Paper – detailed exploration of a topic or issue
  8. POV (point of view) an more opinionated but shorter version of a white paper
  9. How-To or Explainer video – these are short and simple presentations
  10. Decision Tree – here’s a way to show a complex set of  actions ot choices
  11. Plan on a Page – a simple overview of a campaign
  12. Creative Brief – a startegic overview of a marketing direction
  13. Interview – a Q & A with notable pro or insider can bring amazing insight to an issue
  14. Course – go out and teach what you know about a topic – it can be great content
  15. Seminar – show off your knowledge in a presenation, simple as that
  16. Tutorials – here’s over the shoulder guidance you apply in any way
  17. Master Class – indepth knowledge sharing with an academic flare
There you have it. Some ways to repurpose your content, a nifty tool to help organize and optimize it along with a hearty list of content options. So here’s your invitation to have at it. The better you plan and organize your content marketing, the better you will be able to find success.
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