Here’s how to overcome sales resistance points

Sales training professionals will lecture you and experienced salespeople of all sorts will validate this point: there are often three common excuses used in the final stage of a sales process. You know, when you are zeroing in on the almighty close.

To get ahead of the excuses, break down these sales resistance points in advance by using content marketing. Think of it as a preemptive softening strategy.

Let’s visit each point and explore the content marketing workarounds:

Excuse #1
The Delay ” it’s just not a good time to purchase”


Here’s what you can do. By addressing a hot or controversial trend in their industry with a White Paper,  Point of View document or Infographic, you can prove you understand their market situation. This gives your solution real credibility by providing a true advantage in the sales process.

You may even push further and stress that your solution is something they’d best not delay on. That Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) has an intense psychological effect on people.  shut down The Delay.

Takeaway –  shut down The Delay by saying no way do you have time to miss out on our solution

Excuse #2
The Self-Doubt “this just seems too good to be true”

Here”s where you want to utilize content marketing with Social Proof by way of Testimonials, User Generated Video and Case Studies. When you show a similar customer with a similar problem being solved by your solution, you can tactfully repudiate these Doubters in the sales process.

Takeaway – Let someone else (like the story from an outstanding case study) take the microphone, and close the deal.

Excuse #3
The Price “wow that seems expensive”

A smart, well written and well-planned business blog or digital newsletter can help deliver consistent, persuasive messages to demonstrate your expertise and helpfulness. Bulk up 3-4 of those and share with your prospect. This kind of authentic engagement helps you become a trusted source. And that can help push The Price issue out of the sales conversation.Takeaway –

Takeaway – Tell a high-value story, it helps price become an afterthought.

Start today. I can help you identify and develop meaningful content marketing strategies and tactics using to make your sales process hmm along and break down those sales excuses.


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