Design by Demand: The Email as a Landing Page

Three reasons good design matters

While doing content development & copywriting for a local software company, I wrote this email that was part of an on-going campaign. And it struck me that this was a fantastic design. It was simple, fairly clean and the Call-To-Action was big and bold.

Upon further analysis I had to praise the designer Sarah Swymeler for the edgy design approach, especially in this plain vanilla niche of IBM i Systems software.

I told Sarah I loved this email design and graphic style for 3 reasons…

1) It used positive and negative space in a compelling way

2) It was great to get a glimpse of the actual content offering, teasing you behind the CTA.

3) I could not mistake the intent of the email: INSTANT DOWNLOAD

The premise of this post: Make your email look and act like a landing page to help expedite the conversion process.


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