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Welcome to Say The Write Thing Content Marketing Strategy &
Copywriting Services

Your messaging matters now more than ever. So it’s critical to say the right thing. Especially in today’s rapid-fire, always-on business climate where your business demands strong, focused and persuasive messages and content.

Asking for help with writing is smart for your business and your well-being! It may be the best investment you can make. Because to rise above the competition, you need to be creative, consistent, relevant and interesting. You may have a superior product, service or solution, but without smart positioning and dynamic messages to support it, no one will know or even care.

Ad legend John Ogilvy said it best “You can’t bore people into buying.”

And that’s what Say The Write Thing is All About. With over 20 years of helping businesses with innovative ideas, creative concepts and hardworking copy & content, we find the ways for you to stand out.

We also believe good outcomes are dependent on clear goals. So let’s start by setting up a Free 27-minute Phone Consultation (why 27-minutes? A writing tip we’ll share on our call!) From there, we’ll chart out a solution plan to fit your needs and budget.

Here are some of our services and how they can help you…

Creative Messaging that gives you the advantage

  • Email Subject Lines that get opened – Subject Lines are the most important written element in any email. I’ve seen how a few word changes can double your open rate, turning your good subject line into a great subject line!
  • Email that prompts action – Here’s where so many email writers try to do too much. Much like business letter writing, an email needs to be composed with a specific purpose and a compelling Call-To-Action.
  • Hard-working ads – An effective ad (print or online) needs stopping power and the ability to take you to that next action.
  • Press Releases & Articles that hook readers – Writing a press release or article is a great way to tell your stories, but you must creatively leverage the titles to make them irresistible.


Compelling Content to drive your social media & lead generation efforts

  • E-newsletters – When done correctly this can be the foundation of your content marketing strategy. We can show you how this content can be used every month in various ways to drive leads into your sales funnel. Many businesses find this to be the most effective marketing money they spend. 
  • White Papers & Case Studies – These are often the meat & potatoes of your content marketing assets. And we know how to write white papers to make them stronger with proven methods of success. Plus my case study template brings this content to an emotional story-telling style that provides a true connection with readers.
  • Branding design pieces you’ll be proud to share – On the front lines of business are your brochures and website content. Don’t cut yourself short. Make sure the full essence of your brand attributes are presented in an inviting and compelling way.
  • Persuasive Presentations – Share your stories, new products or other breakthroughs on Keynote, SlideShare, Prezi, Animoto or on other venues to help drive your brand on Social Media.



  • Landing Pages that convert – So many forget that the landing page is such a critical element to your online workflow and lead generation efforts. We use the best practices of the best landing pages to boost your conversions.
  • Blog posts to boost & socialize your brand – Face it, blogs are content. And when used the right way, blogging can greatly improve your online SEO, social skills, web traffic and sales. But blogging for business can be tough to start and even harder to maintain. Professional help pays for itself.
  • Website content that performs – Today, your web environment needs to be written for people yet organized for Google, Bing and the other search engines. So before you hire just any web content writer, or pass it off to your staff, consider seasoned pros  who can balance SEO with your brand’s style to create a meaningful experience for your online visitors.

Need more?

  • Graphic Design? We work with a great collection designers who have a wide variety of talents. We’ll match and manage the right talent for your needs and budget.
  • A smart, easy-to-manage Website? We partner with an amazing providers and align the best match for your needs. And your site will come together quickly and within budget.
  • Lead Generation management help? We team up with top pros to help enhance your Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot and other Marketing Automation Platforms. Together we’ll build effective ways to feed your funnel, make certain your sales and marketing are aligned, develop productive workflows, create great messaging & content, score prospects & nurture them and make certain your sales folks are ready for hand off.

Schedule your Free 27-minute Phone Consultation today.