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Brands I've Enhanced

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Marketing on the Internet

A wide range of experience with some of today’s most recognized brands has taught me that you must push (extra hard ) to keep these monster brands fresh and meaningful.

I’ve enjoyed engaging these and numerous other brands both large and small. From print marketing to digital lead generation, promotions to loyalty, my wide and deep experience has put some gray hairs on my head, and created some valuable branding insights…

1) Visualizing the big picture
I’m concerned that any marketing effort lines up with the long-term goals and purpose of the brand.

For example, by presenting the idea of your family enjoying a stress-free mealtime where actual conversations can happen, Schwan’s Home Food Service was able to grow acceptance and deliveries into micro localities. See the example here

2) Tapping into the new
New technology can make our marketing so much easier, but don’t get caught in the trap of new for new stake. Cool new technology must deliver real results.

For Imation I identified and developed a keyword strategy that helped drive organic search traffic to specific product landing pages. Here is a post on a related advertising project I completed for Imation

3) Validating with proven standards
I’m a believer in direct marketing. And the Web offers amazing opportunities for direct marketing to thrive. But it’s best to have a great offer, a solid call-to-action and an easy to use capture experience.

When Sage Software needed to improve their lead generation efforts, I drove my team to develop a prospect survey that resulted in an infographic as content. This strategy beat all of Sage’s previous controls. See the infographic here.

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