My Response to a Recent Article on Content Marketing Challenges

Recently on LinkedIn, I saw this post regarding a survey that asked for the top challenges facing B2B content marketers. You can link to the B2B Digital Marketing Blog article by clicking the screen shot.

I had to jump in and provide some simple, affordable and attainable solutions to these top 3 challenges, which are…

  1. Producing Enough Content 64%
  2. Producing the Kind of Content that Engages 52%
  3. Producing a Variety of Content 45%

Here are my simple solutions that directly address these issues…

1) Re-purpose your best content
Convert that popular white paper to a SlideShare™ presentation, Infographic or Animoto™ video. It’s simple and easy. And this provides you more content to share in a variety of formats at more social media venues. Plus you’ll have something to Tweet & Blog about!

2) Start recording interviews with industry pros (or your peers).
I find that an interview conversation can often result in fantastic content because it’s such a natural way to exchange ideas. Start by creating 4-5 compelling questions, send them to the interviewee in advance. Then set up a call time, hit record and ask away. You can use Skype or another desktop recorder that works with your phone. I’ve even recorded on my iPad through a speaker phone. The process is goes fast when you have specific questions. You can transcribe or edit to extract the good stuff from the interview and write a quick document or share in a blog post. Also this is an awesome opportunity to edit the audio and create a podcast. According to Edison Research in 2012,  29% of Americans had listened to a podcast!

As a Creative Director focused on content marketing strategy and execution, I’ve got all sorts of ideas on how to create more, better and intriguing content. Let’s not let these common challenges slow down your content marketing efforts.




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