3 Fresh Content Ideas to Feed Your Business Blog

Writing business blogsThe web data continues to prove that blogging helps your SEO and Lead Generation efforts. Here’s my favorite factoid around blogging for business from HubSpot:

Companies that have an effective blog for their business get 55% more organic traffic & 70% more
leads with targeted website traffic than those that don’t use a blog to drive traffic.

Yes, blogs can drive targeted traffic which can convert to paying customers. Please notice the word “can” in the previous sentence.
And you probably know as well as I, running an effective blog demands compelling content to create web traffic. And that is challenging. But let me suggest three great blog content tactics to help you generate ideas for effective, attention-getting blog posts.

First set up a news feed – Yahoo or Google will do. Customize your news feed to topics around your organic traffic needs. This is a nice way to leverage breaking news which may increase bog traffic. Plus these  postings about how your business reacts and responds to these current, well publicized news events.

Second, pick up a trashy gossip publication – like People, National Inquirer or inTouch.  Believe it or not, these can be great sources of punchy and provocative headlines that get noticed. And it’s important to make your blog postings pop, grab attention and drive traffic — and to be honest, these are kinda fun to create.

Finally, look at your sent folder in your email – I promise you, in two minutes you’ll come across a bunch of highly relevant and effective blog topics aimed at targeted traffic. You know, all those requests and questions you have sent or responded to. Many of these are probably based on customer needs or pain points. With a little tweaking you can harness these to attract your most qualified web traffic – the folks with a problem you can solve.

Don’t forget, blogging for business can also help with links because when blogs are set on outside pages they provide links into your site which is becoming more important for traffic generation.

So feed your blog some nice organic traffic with these 3 content ideas, or make up some ideas of your own,
and post away!

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